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Production History
1995 Season
A Shayna Maidel
By Barbara Lebow

The Former One-on-One Basketball Champion
The 75th
Two plays by Israel Horovitz

1996 Season
The World of Sholom Aleichem
By Arnold Perl
The Value of Names
By Jeffrey Sweet

A Body of Water
By Jenna Zark

1997 Season
Jest A Second
By James Sherman

Old Wicked Songs
By Jon Marans

1998 Season
By Gary Richards

Old Wicked Songs
By Jon Marans

1999 Season
Sight Unseen
By Donald Margulies
or "schmucks"
By Jon Robin Baitz

2000 Season
The Chosen
Adapted by Aaron Posner
& Chaim Potok

Never the Sinner
By John Logan

The Magic Dreidels
Adapted by Jenna Zark
2001 Season
Punch Me in the Stomach
By Deb Filler
& Allison Summers

The Magic Dreidels
Adapted by Jenna Zark

The Substance of Fire
By Jon Robin Baitz

2002 Spring Repertory
By Martin Sherman

The God of Isaac
By James Sherman

2002 - 2003 Season
Talley's Folly
By Lanford Wilson

And Then They Came for Me
By James Still

The Magic Dreidels
Adapted by Jenna Zark

By Martin Sherman
2003 - 2004 Season
The King of the Kosher Grocers
By Joe Minjares

By Stephanie Satie

The Magic Dreidels
Adapted by Jenna Zark

Tommy J & Sally
By Mark Medoff

2004 - 2005 Season
Lovers and Traitors:
The Killing of the Rosenbergs

By Elissa Mautner

Family Secrets
By Sherry Glaser

Hanukkah Lights in the Big Sky
By Buffy Sedlacheck

By Joshua Ford

2005 - 2006 Season

Shadow of the Valley
By Lewis K. Schrager

By Richard Krevolin

Hanukkah Lights in the Big Sky
By Buffy Sedlachek

The Twilight of the Golds
By Jonathan Tolins
2006 - 2007 Season

The Action Against Sol Schumann
By Jeffrey Sweet

The Odd Potato
Book and Lyrics by
Eileen Bluestone Sherman
Music by Gail C. Bluestone

Woman Before a Glass
By Lanie Robertson

Modern Orthodox
By Daniel Goldfarb
2007 - 2008 Season

Cherry Docs
By David Gow

The Magic Dreidels
Adapted by Jenna Zark

Music and Lyrics by Jason Robert Brown
Book by Alfred Uhry

The Triangle Factory Fire Project
By Christopher Piehler
in collaboration with
Scott Alan Evans
2008 - 2009 Season

Chaim's Love Song
by Marvin Chernoff

Chutzpah à go-go
by David Gale & Randy Vancourt

Hershel and the
Hanukkah Goblins

by Shari Aronson
Adapted from the book by Eric A. Kimmel

2.5 Minute Ride
by Lisa Kron
2009 - 2010 Season
Moonlight and Magnolias
By Ron Hutchinson

A Report on the Banality of Love
By Mario Diament
Hershel and the
Hanukkah Goblins

by Shari Aronson
Adapted from the book by Eric A. Kimmel

Women's Minyan
by Naomi Ragen
2010 - 2011 Season

My Name is Asher Lev
by Aaron Posner

by Alan Berks

Hershel and the Hanukkah Goblins
by Shari Aronson

The Gospel According
to Jerry
by Richard Krevolin & Irwin Kula

Jest a Second

Craig Johnson as Bob (left),
Andrew Wagner as Joel
and Tom Carey as Abe
Old Wicked Songs

Kevin Dutcher as
Professor Mashkan
and Peter Vitale as Stephen
Talley's Folly

Bruce Abas as Matt Friedman
The King of the
Kosher Grocers

James Craven as Elvis Mooney
and Marshall Hambro as
Izzie Silvers
Hanukkah Lights in
the Big Sky

Spencer Summers and
Colleen Hennen as
Isaac and Tammy Pearl
Family Secrets

Sally Wingert as Sandra

The Twilight of the Golds

Joseph Papke and Maren Bush
as David and Suzanne

Modern Orthodox

Matthew Vire
as Hershel Klein

Parade Parade

Barbara Brooks
and Tod Petersen
as Sally and Governer Slaton
A Report on the Banality of Love



A Report on the Banality of Love

Dan Hopman and Carolyn Jenson as Martin Heidegger and Hannah Arendt




"The Critics Say..." "The Audience Says..."

"Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company deserves credit not only for staging this work, but for staging it so well."
Star Tribune (on Women's Minyan)

"...a theatrical gem ...emotionally inspiring
...brimming with intelligence and heart...
A small theatrical treasure."

Star Tribune (on Old Wicked Songs)

"...passionate and classy
...expertly dealing with material."

City Pages (on A Shayna Maidel)

"This wonderfully written play about the passion
for art, ideas and cultural identity receives an
intense, witty and intelligent staging
...radiates ...a thrilling evening."

Star Tribune (on Sight Unseen)

"Nothing short of mesmerizing."
Star Tribune (on Rose)

"a glistening reflection"
St. Paul Pioneer Press (on Woman Before A Glass)

"a great achievement"
Mpls/St. Paul Magazine (on Parade)

"a crackling production"
Star Tribune (on Cherry Docs)

"succeeds on far more levels than anyone has a right to expect outside of Broadway...a great achievement."
Minneapolis St. Paul Magazine (on Parade)

"a treasured part of the arts fabric in this region."
Michael Newman, St. Paul, MN

"I've learned our differences are beautiful and
wonderful, and that some differences aren't so
different after all ...MJTC is one way of celebrating
diversity and unity!"

Marie Cooney, Minneapolis, MN

"...eloquent and riveting ...superb."
Father Leo Tibesar, Minneapolis, MN

"We can always expect the best quality [at MJTC]
...It was perfect."

Teacher, 3rd grade,
World Cultures and Language Magnet,
St. Paul Public Schools

“A wonderful, rich story with phenomenal acting!

Audience member

"This needs to be on Hallmark Hall of Fame."
Audience Member

"Great, poignant entertainment."
IVEY Evaluator

"Simply exquisite."
Audience Member

"Every time I think that the productions can't get any better, they always do. Your talent for finding the best material and actors is remarkable."
Jeanne Baribeau, St. Louis Park, MN
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