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Church & State  

By Jason Odell Williams

October 21 - November 12 (2017)

Good-natured and popular Republican Senator Charlie Whitmore is up for re-election in North Carolina. Just three days before voting, he lets slip to a blogger his new and not-so-popular thoughts on God and the second amendment. As his bible-thumping wife, Sara, works to retain religion in their marriage, Alex, his New York Jewish liberal staffer, fights to keep the campaign from spinning out of control. 

Hailed as "gripping entertainment" (LA Times), this new comedy looks at America's political system today. 

Directed by Michael Kissin. 

“The topics of this play  - religion, guns and politics - seem heavy. But a heavy drama about heavy topics doesn’t interest me. What interests me is a play that gets to the heart of the people around these issues. And when you write about people, you can’t help but let them be funny and sad and honest, heartbreaking and uplifting all at the same time. Because isn’t that what being human is? I hope this play raises questions, sparks debate, makes people laugh and cry, and laugh while crying. And of course I hope it moves people in some way. Perhaps enough to take action with their voice and vote and bump the needle ever so slightly in the conversation about gun violence.  But most of all, I hope this play speaks to your heart. Because, for me, that’s the only reason to write anything: to speak to each other’s hearts."
-Jason Odell Williams