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By Jeff Strate
Originally posted on facebook February 10, 2014

The Last Five Years is smartly cast with Matt Rein and Sarah Shervy as two twenty-something New Yorkers and a superb cello, bass, guitar and piano ensemble "orchestra" directed by Kevin Dutcher. The intimate musical is poignant and captivating. I would see Jason Brown's diamond again at the Hillcrest Center's theater (Ford Parkway, St. Paul) and recommend that my friends see it.

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Truth and Justice: Not Always the American Way

Superman is an enduring cultural icon who has thrilled us over the past 76 years with stories of superhuman heroics and integrity. He has been referred to as the world’s biggest Boy Scout, striving to do the right thing in the face of adversity and always fighting for truth, justice, and the American Way. However, the true story of Superman’s journey into popular imagination stands in stark contrast to his famous ideals.

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Rave Reviews for "The Last Five Years"

Star Tribune: “ touching... a clever musical ... inventive narrative.”

CITYPAGES: "It can be a dastardly difficult show to pull off, but the talented duo currently in the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company production do it with seeming ease."

Pioneer Press: "The emotionally conflicted conclusion proves touching, and will likely leave you impressed with Brown's imagination and the cast that brings this challenging work to life.”

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