Become a Volunteer

Download MJTC’s Volunteer Manual and send in the Volunteer Agreement Form (page 6) to PO Box 16155 in St. Paul, MN, 55116. Contact us at 651-647-4315 or [email protected] org for more information. Thanks in advance! 



The usher is one of the first people at the theater that patrons will meet when they attend a performance, so it is crucial for ushers to be friendly, patient, and people-oriented. For each performance, MJTC uses one (1) usher. Ushers will be shown the layout of the theater so they can direct patrons toward their seats. The time commitment is approximately three (3) hours per performance (depending upon the performance run time). Performances take place weekday evenings and on weekends. No special advanced training is needed. This volunteer opportunity is open to students and adults, ages 15 and older.

Other expectations and duties include:

  • Going through the house to make sure it is clean prior to the performance
  • Stuffing programs
  • Verifying tickets
  • Helping patrons to their seats
  • Stay through performance to assist with any needs in the theater


Office volunteers help with MJTC’s direct mailings. MJTC does approximately six (6) mailings a year. Office volunteer work might include putting labels on mail piece or stuffing and sealing envelopes.

Tech Work

Tech volunteers assist set designers and lighting designers. Duties can include, but are not limited to:

  • Carrying heavy items
  • Hanging lights
  • Helping to construct sets