"I wish I had a video camera" said a 3rd grade student leaving the theater after a performance." "Why?" Barbara asked. "Because then I could watch it over and over" he replied.

Since 2002, MJTC has been welcoming classrooms of schoolchildren to our theater. Over the years, more and more teachers have requested increasingly discounted tickets. The demand for lower and lower pricing prompted us last year to make all school group tickets for our holiday production just $3.00.  Our Ticket Subsidy Program enables this steeply discounted ticket pricing for school groups.

The goal of our Ticket Subsidy Program is to ensure that all children may experience, learn from, and enjoy the cultural and professional theater experience of the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company.  Won't you please consider a contribution to our Ticket Subsidy Program Fund? Your contribution to this fund will make the professional theater that is MJTC possible for all, Your contribution will enable classrooms of diverse students to attend a performance who otherwise might not have the opportunity to do so.

"Thank you for the most enjoyable and unforgettable evening. My grandson attended his first and surely not last stage play. You are fantastic." This note came from a woman who attended a performance with her high school-aged grandson. The many hand-drawn thank you cards received from classes of students tell the story of the lives we touch and the change that takes place. Wrote one 8-year old boy from Urban Academy in St. Paul in a hand-drawn thank you card: "I learned why not to hate Jewish people."

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