Telling Stories of
Our Common Search for Identity
in a Multicultural World

Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company
First Nine Years of Productions

1995 Season
A Shayna Maidel
By Barbara Lebow

The Former One-on-One Basketball Champion
The 75th
Two plays by Israel Horovitz

1996 Season
The World of Sholom Aleichem
By Arnold Perl

The Value of Names
A Body of Water
By Jeffrey Sweet
By Jenna Zark
1997 Season
Jest A Second
Old Wicked Songs
By James Sherman
By Jon Marans
1998 Season
Old Wicked Songs
By Gary Richards
By Jon Marans

1999 Season
Sight Unseen
By Donald Margulies

Mizlansky/Zilinsky or "schmucks"
By Jon Robin Baitz

2000 Season
The Chosen
Adapted by Aaron Posner & Chaim Potok

Never the Sinner
The Magic Dreidels
By John Logan
Adapted by Jenna Zark
2001 Season
Punch Me in the Stomach
By Deb Filler and Allison Summers
The Substance of Fire
The Magic Dreidels
By Jon Robin Baitz
Adapted by Jenna Zark


2002 Spring Repertory
The God of Isaac
By Martin Sherman
By James Sherman
2002-2003 Season
Talley's Folly
The Magic Dreidels
By Lanford Wilson
Adapted by Jenna Zark
And Then They Came for Me
By James Still
By Martin Sherman
2003-2004 Season
The King of the Kosher Grocers
The Magic Dreidels
By Joe Minjares
Adapted by Jenna Zark
Tommy J & Sally
By Stephanie Satie
By Mark Medoff

"The Critics Say..."

". . .a theatrical gem. . .emotionally inspiring . . .brimming with intelligence and heart. . .
A small theatrical treasure.
Star Tribune (On Old Wicked Songs)


". . .passionate and classy. . .expertly dealing with material."
City Pages (On A Shayna Maidel)


"An absorbing exploration of Jewish rituals in contemporary life."
Saint Paul Pioneer Press (On A Body of Water)


"This wonderfully written play about the passion for art, ideas and
cultural identity receives an intense, witty and intelligent staging. . .radiates. . .a thrilling evening."
Star Tribune (On Sight Unseen)


". . .fast moving. . .filled with laughs and emotional truth. . .first-rate cast."
Star Tribune (On Jest a Second)


"Nothing short of mesmerizing."
Star Tribune (On Rose)

"The Audience Says..."

"I've learned our differences are beautiful and wonderful, and that some differences aren't so different
after all . . . MJTC is one way of celebrating diversity ‹ and unity!"
Marie Cooney Minneapolis MN


"It was fabulous."
First Grade Teacher
World Cultures and Languages Magnet, St. Paul Public Schools


"What your company does is very rewarding and is a great privilege to witness."
Student Cretin Derham Hall High School


". . .wonderful performance. . .I, personally, loved the production, and the students did, too. Thank you so much."
English Teacher Cretin Derham Hall High School


". . .eloquent and riveting. . .superb."
Father Leo Tibesar Minneapolis MN

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