Begun in 2002, Wellsprings is Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company’s initiative to find and develop a continuous flow of new plays rooted in the Jewish experience and illuminating the common humanity among us all.  Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company commissions new work and accepts unsolicited submissions from playwrights for world premiere productions.  The Magic Dreidels by Jenna Zark was Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company’s first commission.  The play received its world premiere in 2000, and has played multiple holiday seasons at MJTC as well as at other theaters in the United States.  Hanukkah Lights in the Big Sky by Buffy Sedlachek was also commissioned by MJTC, and received its world premiere here in 2005.  Others plays that received their world premieres at MJTC after being submitted to the theater are Lovers and Traitors: The Killing of the Rosenbergs by Elissa Mautner, Shadow of the Valley by Lewis K. Schrager, and The Gospel According to Jerry by Richard Krevolin and Rabbi Irwin Kula.  Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company works with playwrights from around the country to bring exciting new plays and musicals to the stage.

"The Magic Dreidels brought material we have discussed straight into our hearts and lives! The stage was fascinating, story was entertaining, actors were wonderful! What a great show!"  - First Grade Teacher

"We loved Chanukah Lights in the Big Sky! A very important story presented in a powerful and moving way."  - Fourth Grade Teacher

"Love and Traitors: The Killing of The Rosenbergs is receiving its premiere in the skilled hands of the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company...far more polished than one would customarily expect to premiere."  - Pioneer Press

"The Gospel According to Jerry is a play that needs to be seen for what it has to say."  - Star Tribune