Doorways program: Race, Gender, & Class in the play “Actually” (2019)

Doorways program: Race, Gender, & Class in the play “Actually” (2019)

Doorways Programs

Each production of our season, Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company develops special programs to enhance the artistic and educational value of the work presented onstage. Doorways Programs are designed to open doors to greater understanding and enjoyment of the plays we present— offering deeper insights into the subjects and issues each play addresses. Our post-show discussions feature esteemed guests who are professionals in our community who join us to provide further information on topics in the production and foster stimulating conversation with those in attendance. 

Doorways Programs are free and open to the public.

Best experienced in conjunction with the play they are associated with, Doorways Programs can range in format from a post-show CLE discussion, to a live skype with the playwright— and perhaps even a stand-up comedy night at a brewery!

Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company’s Doorways program first began in 2002.  MJTC is proud to provide this innovative programming to complement the work on stage. Such programs include:

  • community forums

  • lectures and symposia

  • events in partnership with other organizations such as museums and synagogues

  • post performance discussions

  • continuing legal education seminars (CLE) for credit

  • work with school children

  • and more!

If you have any interest in partnering with us for these educational discussions, please reach out to or contact us at 651-647-4315.

Continuing Legal Education (CLE) Doorways Programs are co-sponsored by the law firm of Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.

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