Reflections on Jericho from Barbara Brooks

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I have a vivid memory of my first reading of this play. For hours, then days, the lives of the characters remained indelibly planted in me. While I have my own personal recollection of the events that transpired on September 11th,– a friend of 40 years was on the 67th floor of the second tower hit, but thankfully got out alive– I kept asking myself, “what about this play was really at the heart of how it was penetrating my soul?” I came to realize that it was the universality of the emotional challenges that all the characters faced. I felt for each one of them. I wanted each one to find peace. If only life were easy; but it’s not. At some point, we all have to deal with pain, and then figure out how to move forward, and in a most pointed and poignant way, this play shows us that we are not alone.