Director Spotlight: Jericho's Warren C. Bowles

What attracts you to MJTC?

I like MJTC because it has a really supportive audience; Barbara is great to work with and she offers great support because her standards are high; and, I think she makes very interesting choices when she puts her season together.

How did you prepare to direct Jericho?

I was able to spend some time via the internet chatting with the playwright (who has been very generous with his time and insights). I took advantage of a trip to New York to spend nine incredible hours in the National September 11 Memorial & Museum which gave me a whole new insight on how that crime affected the survivors, families of victims and survivors, and New Yorkers in general. A quick train trip out to Jericho on Long Island was also an interesting prep for the piece.

Jericho explores both personal and collective catastrophe, but it contains a lot of humor and irony as well. Is it challenging to navigate this juxtaposition?

The humor in this play is essential. However, I think it would be easy to become maudlin and wring all the humor out of the production. I think Barbara and I have put together a fine enough cast that they would not allow me to do that.

Is there one character in this show that you particularly relate to?

That's a bit like asking who's your favorite child!

Who or what inspires you?

I had a wonderful instructor/mentor in college, Dr. Reginald Bain. It's comforting how his advice, vision, and encouragement keep coming back to me as I direct.

If you could direct any play, which would it be and why?

If I could direct any play...I would!