Holiday Season Reflections

From Barbara Brooks, Producing Artistic Director

The holiday season is a busy time at Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company.  We’re closing up and completing behind the scenes work on our fall show, and readying and running our holiday production.  Amidst this frenetic pace, I find joy in reflecting on the positive things that take place here at MJTC, and feel grateful and thankful for opportunities I have: working with the wonderful artists who graciously give so much time and talent to MJTC and make the theater what it is, and meeting and getting to know our generous and supportive audience members.  Our holiday production allows me to observe the reactions of the young children who come with their school classes to the show.  The excitement they display is so rewarding, and makes the hard work worth it all! On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff at MJTC, I wish you good health and happiness in the new year, and hope that you, too, will have rewarding and joyful experiences at Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company in 2014.