Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company’s Doorways program was first begun in 2002. MJTC is proud to provide this innovative programming to complement the work on stage.  Such programs include:

  • community forums
  • lectures and symposia
  • events in partnership with other organizations such as museums and synagogues
  • post performance discussions
  • Continuing legal education seminars (CLE) for credit
  • work with school children

Doorways programs are designed to open the doors to greater understanding and enjoyment of the plays we present and to deeper insights into the subjects and issues they address. Each production of the season has Doorways programs to enhance the artistic and educational value of the work you see onstage.  Our post performance discussions feature esteemed guests who are professionals in our community. They join us to provide further information on topics in the production, and foster stimulating conversation with those in attendance.  Our CLE programs are co-sponsored by the law firm of Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. 

Doorways Programs: Stars of David

On Being Jewish

Senator Sandy Pappas, President of the Minnesota Senate; the Honorable James M. Rosenbaum; Paul David Wellstone Jr.; and MJTC Producing Artistic Director Barbara Brooks will offer personal reflections on what it means to be Jewish. Moderated by attorney Marshall Tanick.
Sunday, February 15, following the 1 p.m. performance

Collaborative Poetry Workshop

Poet, writer, and book artist Zoë Bird will lead a high-energy poetry session designed to include and affirm your individual voice, culminating in the creation and collective performance of a group poem based on the themes of identity, heritage, and community.
Sunday, February 22, following the 1 p.m. performance

Gathering Stories

Kimberly Nightingale, Executive Director of the St. Paul Almanac; and Peter Rachleff,  Co-founder and Executive Director of the East Side Freedom Library, have made it their mission to gather and record the individual stories of St. Paul residents in order to create opportunities for understanding, learning, and community building. Please join us as they discuss their work.
Sunday, March 8, following the 1 p.m. performance

Poems created during Collaborative Poetry Workshop

Embrace the Mess: The Stars Will Bring You Through

A found poem honoring Stars of David by Abigail Pogrebin

Where is Yitzhi Magence?

Ask nosy questions.
Find feeling and meaning.
Rejoice in the complications.
Embrace the mess—
I like St. Patrick’s Day!

The only thing I’ve found tantalizing
about not being Jewish
which you can
eat in a Chinese restaurant

With my wife, the beautiful,
intelligent, dynamic
wonderful person.

Be who you are.
Laws can be broken
to save lives.

The women were forbidden;
that was the day
I disappeared.

By Poet-participants at the Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company, 2.22.15

The Thin Places

After Stars of David by Abigail Pogrebin

I was an outcast within my own people

The word shiksa
always sounds very derogatory

There’s chauvinism everywhere
I wonder if she ever got to say that prayer

We don’t have to stick with what happened
we can fix it for ourselves
here in the Twin Cities
change has been made
to embrace people
whatever is true and real
and finding a way
there is a movement
Shir Tikvah

Do you think before
they embraced the rabbi’s gayness
they embraced her as a woman?
I’m a cafeteria Catholic
unhappy that women are not allowed
to be priests

A place for everyone

Let us build this house
with truth and grace
and walls so thin
everyone can come right in

By Poet-participants at the Minnesota Jewish Theatre, 2.22.15