Director's Notes: Jericho

My wife and I spent nine hours touring the September 11 National Memorial and Museum last September. We both came away overwhelmed by the hundreds of stories we encountered and by the depths of emotions that the memorial made us explore. It was an overwhelming experience. We left with an understanding that neither of us had really had before of how much that event affected New York City and all its citizens. I was drawn to this play because Jack Canfora has given us a story that goes beyond a ‘victims story’ or an attempt to pull at our heartstrings. The longer we live, the more milestones and momentous events we experience. Each is so important that it is hard to imagine that anything more significant could follow. VE Day, the Kennedy assassination, the assassination of Dr. King, the Challenger disaster, and, of course, the horrible, horrible crime that was 9/11. When they occur we are closely drawn together with our families and friends, as a nation, and even globally. What happens to that feeling of closeness and unity? Why does that feeling of connection and community dissipate? What is community?

- Warren C. Bowles 

" 9/11 Remembered " by A. Strakey

"9/11 Remembered" by A. Strakey