Celebrating a Milestone

Minnesota Jewish Theater Company is marking a major milestone – this is our 18th birthday.  In the Jewish culture, the number 18 has special significance.   You may know that the Hebrew word “chai” means “life” in English.  It also symbolizes the value of life and all the hope that accompanies it.  What is the connection between “chai” and 18?  In Hebrew, each letter has a numeric value, and the word “chai” is spelled with two Hebrew letters that equal 18. 

For these special birthdays there is a Jewish tradition of giving monetary gifts in multiples of $18 as a good omen for life.  

MJTC has accomplished so much in its first 18 years!  We’ve been recognized by our theater peers with three Ivey awards going to our artists for productions in recent years.  We’ve commissioned or presented world premieres of five plays that have been well received and gone on to productions elsewhere.  Our audiences have consistently grown.  A successful ticket subsidy fund has made it possible for thousands of young people to attend our performances.  With support from you, we can continue to offer award winning, thought provoking and touching productions with universal appeal. 

If you’d like to support this wonderful and award winning theater, and make a special contribution to celebrate MJTC’s 18th birthday, keeping tradition alive with a gift of $18 or $36 or any other multiple of 18, please send a check to MJTC.  We thank you in advance for supporting our continued success!

Laura Schindelman

Chair, Fundraising Raising Committee, Board of Directors