Growth and Strategic Planning

MJTC is poised for growth and we want to be smart about it. 

It’s hard to be cautious when you are excited about the work!  I’ve been familiar with MJTC since its inception and have the utmost respect for Barbara and those who came before us on the Board.  I’ve always said this is the best theater bargain in town – not just an inexpensive ticket (although that’s nice!) but overall, the artistic value that comes from this small-budget theater company is amazing. 

It’s a gem.  As a non-Jewish friend of mine said just last week, “Every time I go to that theater I learn something new about the Jewish culture.  And it’s great theater!” 

It speaks to our souls.

Too many theaters have tried to grow and failed – not only in the Twin Cities, but nationally.  There are less than a handful of independent Jewish theaters remaining in the US.   As a theater that has previewed many new plays about Jewish life, the MJTC is a leader nationally – although the secret is too well kept! 

Last year, the MJTC board took stock of the theater and set four key goals for the future:

  1. Increase attendance and visibility/awareness of MJTC.  You’ll notice more social media, a refreshed branding and marketing strategy, and audience research.
  2. Improve contributed income.  Public money and individuals are particularly critical to the theater’s operations.  Your contributions literally keep us going and allow us to keep ticket prices reasonable.
  3. Expand and enhance performance season to improve the experience of attending MJTC performances.  We want to make sure the core product achieves our mission – ignite the hearts and minds of people by producing theater of the highest artistic standards rooted in Jewish content and serving people from all cultural backgrounds.
  4. Improve organizational and governance capacity to sustain MJTC for the long-term.  We want to strengthen our board, increase staffing from two people to three, and build our cash reserve.

This planned growth is measured -- not overreaching.  It’s designed to keep the “gem” grounded in both artistic excellence and earthly realities.

Blog posting by Mary Pickard, Chair, Governance Committee, Board of Directors.  Mary is a Principal Advisor at Opus Philanthropy Group where she and her colleagues advise a group of family foundations and a corporate foundation associated with one family.  Mary joined OPG after retiring in 2007 as president of the Travelers Foundation where she served for 35 years.