Telling Stories of Our Common Search for Identity in a Multicultural World

Your most precious of all possessions is who you are.

As modern times dissolve geographic boundaries between cultures, we are enormously enriched by encounters with individuals of backgrounds quite different from our own. But in the swirl of multicultural worlds, we sometimes seem to be losing our grasp on what is unique about our own roots.

The Jewish people share that feeling, for their long history is one of continuing struggle, as it has been for others, to retain their identity in lands across the globe.

Jews have centuries of stories to tell that can help us all to find and express our true selves in today's complex societies. Some are delightfully poignant. Some profoundly tragic. Some explode with heroic courage. Others make you weep. Some give gentle, quiet inspiration. And others simply make you laugh outrageously.

Minnesota Jewish Theatre Company tells those stories on stage where the special magic generated between audience and actor can work its wonders and affect you deeply. Join us for entertaining theater that ignites your mind by touching your heart and can change the way you see yourself and your world forever — even if you're not Jewish!

— Barbara Brooks, Producing Artistic Director